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Books by Kelly

False Start Fairy Tale 

A contemporary romance

Adèle Villeneuve is attempting the impossible. At twenty-four she’s opened an events company in her small French village, which at last count has a population of 1501. Even her parents tried to stop her. But Adèle has a plan. Or, at least she did.


Then the Reniers returned to town.

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The Sea of

Lost Things

A contemporary romance

Charlotte Reynolds is no stranger to loss. After a car accident took her parents, she was raised by her maternal grandfather. Six months ago, she lost him too. At thirty-one, with no living relatives, Charlotte finds herself alone in the world.


That is until she opens the box...

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A historical fiction

Marriage is a maneuvering business, but in the summer of 1890, it might cost Lady Hazel Whitmore her life...

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