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In the summer of 1890, Lady Hazel Whitmore will learn that some truths are buried for a reason.


Shy of her twenty-first birthday, Hazel’s future has already been decided. As the upper class flaunt their wealth in the hopes of securing advantageous matches, she is on the verge of being thrown into marriage with a stranger of her father’s choosing. Recognising that she has no way out, she has all but accepted the fate handed to her.


That is until an insidious plan is uncovered. A truth so dangerous, she has no choice but to leave everything, and everyone she knows, and escape to the one person her brother believes will keep her safe.


With her world turned upside down, she travels south to the enigmatic Samuel Buchanan, a working-class man with a violent profession. From the moment they meet, it appears to Hazel that the only thing they have in common is their instant dislike for one another.


But appearances can be deceiving, and the more she gets to know him, the more she finds herself drawn into his world; one full of passion, danger, and desire. The past, however, is never far, and hers are not the only secrets being kept.


As everything around her unravels, Hazel is forced to discover just how far she is willing to go for love.


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